How To Become A Musician In Ghana

To become a successful musician here in Ghana,
you’ve to be endowed with creativity and uniqueness.

You have to be passionate when it comes to making an
impact in this victimized world of ours.

New hits are
always springing forth in the Music Industry and fans
are always in anticipation of what will come up next.

make it in this industry, you’ve to give out what have
not been given before.

Musicians are the social
entrepreneurs we talk about and you can be the boss if
successful in this career.


What’s your genre? What type of music do you do best
in ? Knowing the type of music that brings out the
potentials in you makes becoming a successful
musician easier.

We have seen lots of people who are
always switching from one genre to another, hoping to
hit the limelight by luck.

There’s no harm in diversity,
but being a specialist in a particular type of music
makes you the best.

Your genre could be Hip Hop, pop,
Rock, RnB, Gospel etc..

Discover the genre that speaks
and brings out the uniqueness in you.

One of the
reasons why some upcoming artist are struggling to
make it is when they try to blend, or trying to copy the
style of another already made star. It’s wrong.


One thing is to know your type of music, it’s another
thing entirely to be good in them.

You have to walk an
extra mile into honing your skill and being perfect in

It’s true that perfection doesn’t exist, but it does
to some extent.

Know your vocal range and how to
utilize it well.

Find out about your vocal part and

Most successful musicians here in Ghana
know their craft well, that’s why they are successful.

It’s not magic or luck. To be in the Music for long,
you’ve to know how to do your thing and do it well. If
possible, attend a music school.

Join the chore or a

Associate with people who have the same
aspiration. To become successful in music, you have to
be extra ordinary.

Don’t forget to also learn the art of
writing your own music.


Most up-coming musicians here in Ghana usually
make the mistake of not going to an event, simply
because they weren’t invited.

Most will hold the excuse
that they will pay little compare to the energy they will

As a new born fish in the Music Industry, you’ve
to forget about money and focus on exposure.

exposure have been achieved, that’s when contracts
and money starts rolling in.

If there’s an event near you,
make sure to attend. Meet the MC or the coordinator of
the event, tell him or her of your interest to perform.

truth is; they will be glad to allow you perform, to liven
up the place.


Thank God for social media, you can follow anyone you

You can get yourself out there easily by just a
push of a button. Follow popular celebrities. Keep up
with the trends..

Be creative when it comes to taking
advantage of online trends, probably about a popular

Instagram and twitter should be your regular

Also try and make friends with some music

Believe us, you need them to succeed in your
music career.

Sometimes, all you need to become a
successful musician here in Ghana is just a little
controversy and trust me, bloggers don’t joke with


As an upcoming artist, you need to have a recorded

If you don’t, please do. Not having at least, a
single is an opportunity crusher.

Many individuals have
lost big opportunities simply because they didn’t have a
single, not even a demo.

Hit the studio and produce
your first track.

You might not market it right away, but
it will come in handy one day.

However, don’t go and
sing trash and garbage just because ww said you should
hit the studio. Take your time and write a Good song.

To become a successful musician, you have to be
original, unique and good.

To become a successful musician here in Ghana, you
have to stand out from the crowd.

There are hundreds, if
not thousands of people who wants to be a musician.

How do you beat all of them ? It’s simple. Get better
than them. Put in more work.. Walk the extra mile.

Make the sacrifice now and enjoy later. Nothing good
comes easy.

Success is not by accident, it’s through
hard work and perseverance.

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